Have always wondered why our Government does not attempt to legalize online poker. Than casino gaming could be not unlike casino gambling which is more of a game of chance online poker is much more about skill. You need to be a master psychologist when you are playing poker against an opponent but you need a memory and be good at math. Let me explain why you require this all. So as to know your opponent to understand when he is bluffing or when he is trying to take your chip stash away from you will need to be a master psychologist. The poker player that may read his competitors will have the advantage over them. You need to be a proficient at math as you need to be good at seeing your opponent’s pattern. If it is possible to understand the pattern of your competitors you will then have the ability to understand in what hands they will be a bit scared to bet a good deal and in what Hands they will most likely that more of the chips. To cap off this that you keep in mind all this you want to have a memory in order. This is the poker players like Daniel Negraneu have a distinct advantage over other players. Now why internet poker is more of a skill game internet casino gambling in explaining we will now go over.

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The bill to legalize online since it was introduced into the Senate by Robert Menendez poker is known as the Menendez bill. This bill is passed would legalize not poker however online games of skill and it looks like it would make a difference between blackjack, poker and other forms of Internet gambling. Does he endorse this bill that Congressman Ron Paul endorses it on the grounds that games of skill are not to make money or for fun but it is freedom and your right? If it becomes law it and passes through reverse the decision that made poker prohibited. The bill made it illegal since it attacked basically and bank and credit card cash transfers made to online casinos make this procedure prohibited.

Another advantage to passing this bill for our government is the windfall tax profits our Authorities would stand to make out of this. Now do The issues that our nation is currently going through that billions of Because that cash might be Bucks of QQ Online tax gains would be a relief Put to good use not only in helping itself is maintained by our authorities financially Towards helping owners to, but that money may be deferred Get some relief and reduce their monthly mortgage payments. Now I’m sure am not but am making my feelings known. think this would not be a terrific idea for your numerous Poker players in our country but it could be an idea and Helping out our nation make ends meet.